The author's work

Ioannis has produced a number of academic papers, published articles and grey literature reports.

Academic papers

Chartered Institute for Archaeologists 2019 conference, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds: Archaeology: Values, Benefits, and Legacies (24th April 2019). Paper title: For those about to fail, we salute you.

McDonald Institute, University of Cambridge: Exploring Specialisation through Ceramic Technology and Use (28th June 2018). Paper title: The Case of Dipylon-style Amphorae: Technological Specialisation for Elite Consumption in Early Iron Age Attica.

University of Cardiff : Archaeology Seminar Series (16th February 2017). Paper title: Social Change and Ceramic Technologies: the Case of Geometric Athens (c.900-700 BC).

University of Oxford: Prehistoric and Early Greece Graduate Seminar s (5th May 2015). Paper title: Technology and Society in Geometric Athens (c.900-700 BC),Analysing the Chaîne Opératoire in the Production of Attic Decorated Finewares.

University of Cardiff: First Cardiff University Postgraduate Symposium in the Humanities (27th September 2013). Paper title: Social Demands and Technological Boundaries in Athenian Early Iron Age Pottery Production.

University of Cardiff: UK Archaeological Science and Association of Environmental Archaeology Spring Conference 2013 (11th-14th April 2013). Paper title: Investigating Technological Knowledge in the Production of Attic Early Iron Age Finewares: A Scientific Approach.

Ann Arbor University of Michigan: Theory in Ancient Greek Archaeology Conference (4th-5th May 2012). Paper title: Chaîne opératoire: Moving from Theory to Praxis in the Study of Attic Geometric and Orientalising pottery.

Academic publications

Smyrnaios, I., 2017, 'Chaîne opératoire: Moving from theory to praxis in the study of Attic Geometric and Orientalising pottery', in Nevett, L. (ed.) Theoretical Approaches to the Archaeology of Ancient Greece. Manipulating Material Culture, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 104-23.

Smyrnaios, I., 2015, The Correlation of Technological and Stylistic Changes, and Society, in the Production of Attic Geometric and Orientalising Finewares, Electronic PhD Thesis, accessed at (publicly available after 26th May 2017).

Grey literature and reports

Due to intellectual property issues, the author's archaeological reports cannot be displayed in full citation format any more. Instead, they are presented in the the form of project-specific lists divided by report types. All projects are presented in chronological order starting from the most recent. For full citations and project summaries, please do not hesitate to contact the author.


Contributions to publications:
East End Farm, Cholsey, Oxfordshire
Castelhorpe Raod, Hanslope, Buckinghamshire

Contributions to archive reports:
Land north of Norton Road, Thurston, Suffolk, NORT 19
17A and 17B South Street, Ditchling, Sussex
Katherine Warington School, Lower Luton Road, Harpenden, KATH 18
Lodge Road, Walberswick, Suffolk, WLB 114

Contributions to assessment reports:
Swan School, Marston, Oxford
Land North of Chippenham, Wiltshire
Lyndey B, Phase 2, Gloucestershire
Quedgeley East, Gloucestershire
Land at East Hagbourne, Didcot, Oxfordshire
Frog Street, Exeter, Devon
Black Dog Way, Gloucester
Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology, Greyfriars, Gloucester
Land South of Leigh Road, Wimborne, Dorset
Easy Anglia 1, Site 50, Bawdsey, Suffolk, BAW 212
Land West of Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, LWOC 18
Aspen Gardens Stotford, Buckinghamshire, STOT 17

Contributions to evaluation and watching brief reports:
Little Crow Solar Park, Scunthorpe, North Linconshire
HS2 Buckingham Railway Station, Buckinghamshire
Land east of Luton Airport, Bedfordshire, LELA 18


Contributions to archive reports:
Rugby Gateway, Rugby, Warwickshire
Friston Hall Farm, Friston, Suffolk, FRS 056
Land South of Little Horwood Road, Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire
CABI, Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Bretton House, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire
Pinn Brook Farm, Exeter, Devon
Saw Close, Bath (town centre), Somerset
Kimcote Lane, Gilmorton, Leicestershire, LKRE 18
Land East or Bromley Road, Lawford, Essex

Contributions to assessment reports:
Park Farm, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire
The Wave, Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire
East End Farm, Cholsey, Oxfordshire
Land at Broughton, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire
Marham Park, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, FAS 055 and 056, SACIC Report 2018/040
Jack’s Field (Adj. Warren’s Barn), The Street, Witnesham, Suffolk, WTN 032, SACIC Report No. 2018/003

Contributions to evaluation and watching brief reports:
Land at Norton Road, Thurston, Suffolk, TSH 031
5-6 Haymarket, Norwich (town centre), Norfolk
Harlow Centre, Raymund Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, HCRR 18
Land at Rushden East (SUE), Northamptonshire, LRE 18
Tickford Fields, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, TICK 18
Zone 3 Priors Hall Park, Corby, Northamptonshire, PHPC 18
Land East of Coventry Road, Cawston, Warwickshire, LECR 18
Little Crow, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, LCRO 18
Southfield Road, Gretton, Northamptonshire, LSRG 18
Land east of Stevenage, Hertfordshire, LEST 18
Land at Higham Ferres, Northamptonshire, HIFE 18
Main Road (WN018-0124), Darsham, Suffolk, DAR 040, SACIC Report No. 2018/066
Land off School Close, Knapton, Norfolk, ENF 143744, SACIC Report No. 2018/059
A140, Eye Airfield Roundabout (North), Brome, Suffolk, BRM 134, SACIC Report No. 2018/069
Irrigation Reservoir, Shadwell Estate, Brettenham, Norfolk, ENF 144483, SACIC Report No. 2018/067
Manor Farm, The Street, Bawdsey, Suffolk, BAW 242, SACIC Report No. 2018/06
Land adjacent Church of All Saints, Earsham, Norfolk, ENF143516, SACIC Report No. 2018/050
Land off Chapel Road, Old Newton, ONW 036, SACIC Report No. 2018/062
St Johns House, Church Road, Elmswell EWL 041, SACIC Report No. 2018/060
Proposed Reservoir, Queech Farm, Stutton, Suffolk, STU 093, SACIC Report No. 2018/058
Nether Hall Farm proposed reservoir, Harkstead, Suffolk, HRK 098, SACIC Report No. 2018/55
Roman barrow group and villa at Rougham, Suffolk, RGH 001, RGH 002, RGH 009, SACIC Report No. 2018/035
28 High Street, Ashley, Cambridgeshire, ECB 5365, SACIC Report No. 2018/029
Klondyke/Land between Bourne Hill and A137, Wherstead, Suffolk, WHR 093, SACIC Report No. 2018/005
Land South of Union Road, Phase 2, Onehouse & Stowmarket, ONS 007, SACIC Report No. 2018/002


Contributions to archive reports:
West Row Primary School, Beeches Road, West Row, Mildenhall, Suffolk, MNL 784, Revised report, SACIC Report No. 2017/041
Land at High Road, Trimley St Martin, Suffolk, TYN 134, SACIC Report No. 2017/108
Shrubland Quarry, Western Extension (Phase 7B), Coddenham, Suffolk, CDD 096, SACIC Report No. 2017/040
Land off Days Road, Capel St Mary, CSM 048, SACIC Report No. 2017/104
Land South of Grove Hill, Belstead, BSD 028, SACIC Report No.2017/109
Frimstone Quarry Phase 7a, Worlington, Suffolk, WGN 062, SACIC Report No. 2017/106
The ‘Deer Park’, Weston Park Golf Club, Weston Longville, Norwich, Norfolk, ENF 141676, SACIC Report No. 2017/032
Highfield Farm Borrow Pit, Rougham, Suffolk, RGH 092, SACIC Report No. 2017/063
West Row Primary School, Beeches Road, West Row, Suffolk, MNL 784, SACIC Report No. 2017/041

Contributions to assessment reports:
Flixton Park Quarry, Flixton, Suffolk, FLN 091, SACIC Report No. 2017/112
Flixton Quarry, Cartwrights Covert Extension, South Elmham St. Mary alias Homersfield, Suffolk, SEY 035, SACIC Report No. 2017/101
Bury St. Edmunds Eastern Relief Road, Rushbrooke with Rougham, Suffolk, RGH 086, SACIC Report No. 2017/074
Construct car park opposite Hospital, Eriswell, RAF Lakenheath, ERL 246, SACIC Report No. 2017/134
Former Notcutts Garden Centre, Station Road, Ardleigh, Essex, ARNC 16, SACIC Report No. 2017/007

Contributions to evaluation and monitoring reports:
Friston Hall Farm, Saxmundham Road, Friston, Suffolk, FRS 056, SACIC Report No. 2017/111
Phase I: Royal Norwich Golf Club, Norwich, Norfolk, ENF 142804, SACIC Report No. 2017/103
Primary Electrical Substation, Rougham, Suffolk, RGH 097, ESF25787, SACIC Report No. 2017/073
8 Clopton Drive, Long Melford, Suffolk, LMD 268, SACIC Report No. 2017/037
Land South of Links Road Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk, ENF 142416, SACIC Report No. 2017/075
Biomass Boiler, Tranmer House to Stable Blocks Sutton Hoo, Bromeswell, Suffolk, SUT 289, SACIC Report No. 2017/048
Folly Farm Fire Protection Lagoon, Tattingstone, TAT 033, SACIC Report No. 2017/059
Land opposite The Bungalow, Padnal, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, ECB 5149, SACIC Report No. 2017/65
28, Old Kirton Road, Trimley St Martin, Suffolk, TYN 146, SACIC Report No. 2017/47
Cedar Farm, Alderton, Suffolk, HLY 173, SACIC Report No. 2017/51
Land South of Grove Hill Belstead, Ipswich, Suffolk, BSD 028, SACIC Report No. 2017/038
Weston Park Golf Club, Weston Longville, Norwich, Norfolk, ENF 141675, SACIC Report No. 2017/036
Shrubland Quarry, Western Extension (Phase 7B), Coddenham, Suffolk, CDD 096, SACIC Report No. 2017/040
Land East of Lowestoft Road, Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk, ENF 141590, SACIC Report No. 2017/010
Land South of Union Road, Onehouse, Stowmarket, Suffolk, ONS 007, SACIC Report No. 2017/009
Community Hub development, Mildenhall, MNL 778, SACIC Report No. 2017/008
Land Off Station Road, Reedham, Norfolk, ENF141548, SACIC Report No. 2016/099


Contributions to assessment reports:
Flixton Park Quarry, FLN 091, Flixton, Suffolk, SACIC Report No. 2016/063

Contributions to evaluation reports:
Fornham Farm, Thetford Road, Fornham St Martin, Suffolk, FSM 024, SACIC Report No. 2016/003.
Sizewell Par, Big Field, Leiston, Suffolk, LCS 223
Sizewell Park, Leiston, Suffolk, LCS 224
Sizewell Park, Hacheston, Suffolk, HCH 047
Land off Norwich Road, Barham and Claydon, Suffolk, BRH 066, SACIC Report No. 2016/078
Car Park Opposite Hospital, RAF Lakenheath, ERL 246, SACIC Report No. 2016/087
Land at Hollow Road Farm, Hollow Road, Fornham St Martin, Suffolk, FSM 024, SACIC Report No. 2016/069

The author's work